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Spelt Flour (Whole Grain)

Spelt Flour (Whole Grain)

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Spelt is an ancient variety of wheat dated back into Egyptian times. It is considered a hard wheat due to it's protein profile, and is a wonderful option for yeast breads that require those proteins to create the gluten necessary for rising dough. It also responds similar to a soft wheat as it has a very light, fluffy texture when used in muffins or pancakes. A very universal grain, spelt has a slightly sweeter flavour than traditional red wheat, and will quickly become one of your favourite grains to work with.


Similar to wheat flour, conventional spelt flours that you find in the store are often sifted to remove the bran and germ from the flour. These parts of the grain are what stores the oils needed for the grain to germinate into a plant, and is where most of the nutrients are kept. By sifting it out, you do end up with a much longer shelf life (because fatty oils go rancid) but you also lose significant value in terms of nutrition.


This is why we make our whole grain flours FRESH for each order! When we mill our grains, nothing is added, and nothing is taken away (nope, no sifting) so that you too, can enjoy the benefits and nutrients of the whole spelt berry. For the freshest flour, be sure to store your package in the fridge or freezer! As a tip; add 1 egg and 1 Tbsp vinegar to your dough to enhance the leavening action of your bread. As mentioned, spelt has a higher oil content and can often end up more dense than other grain flours.

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