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Mincer Basic Package

Mincer Basic Package

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A meat grinder in the kitchen means you can take your cooking to a whole new level. And that applies whether you prefer meat, fish or vegetarian, because you can use the grinder to make minced fish just as well as minced meat or minced chickpeas!


With full control of content and quality, you can make your own versions of your favourite dishes. Try making fish cakes with exciting flavours, sausages with selected spices and hand-picked content — or why not burgers with your own mince that has a perfect amount of fat and the right kind of meat? Let the grill be hot — all year round.


Mincer Basic contains Mincer, 3 sausage horns 10/20/25 mm, feeder tray, feeder plug, disc 4.5 mm, splashguard for mincer.

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