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Interchangeable Milling System

Interchangeable Milling System

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Use our interchangeable milling system to process grains, spices, coffee and gluten free cereals in a single mill, without cross contamination! Perfect for anyone with food sensitivities, or someone wanting to grind strong coffee or spices without transferring those scents into their flour. The system consists of an interchangeable milling chamber insert made of silicone, which comes with an additional pair of grinding stones. It is suitable for all KoMo mills delivered after summer 2011. The grinder can be inserted into the mill in just a few simple steps, and is easy to clean after use.


They come in three different sizes to fit each mill design.

  • 250 - Fidibus 21, Magic, FidiFloc 21
  • 360 - Fidibus Medium, Fidibus Classic, Pk1, FidiFloc Medium & Duett 100
  • 600 - Fidibus XL, Fidibus XL Plus & Duett 200


Weight: < 2 LB

Delivery Includes: Silicone insert, mill chamber,  2 mill stones, a brush, and an allen key 

Warranty: 3 years

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